Paul Sullivan ~ Personal Trainer

For the past 20 years, Paul Sullivan has been a mainstay in the River Hills community as our Health and Fitness Specialist. He has helped our Members,  Members' children and even our senior Members reach their health and fitness goals. His fitness programs have been designed for professional athletes to the everyday person just trying to get back in shape again. From his work at the world renowned Safety Harbor Spa and Cory Everson's Gym, to being selected by the Vice President of the United States to lead the National Race for the Cure, Paul has been a dedicated Health and Fitness leader to our River Hills community and individuals seeking to improve their lives through physical fitness, wellness and proper nutrition.

Paul will coordinate your fitness needs into a program that fits each person on an individualized basis. Your current physical conditioning, limitations and schedule are all taken into consideration before designing your new fitness program. Combining flexibility, muscular strength & endurance, aerobic conditioning with proper nutrition, your personal program will pack the most health and fitness benefits into the least amount of time.

Becoming physically fit is a commitment to yourself. Paul will help make the whole experience as educational as possible. This enables you to apply what you have learned to achieve the results you desire in a way that you can utilize for the rest of your life.

Private (one-on-one) and Semi-Private (two or more at reduced price) Lessons are available at River Hills Country Club

Make the First Step Today for a New You ~ Call Paul at 813.458.6444


Photo of Paul Sullivan